Healing Body Scan CD

By combining mindfulness meditation with calming piano music, the listener is gently led to a state of focused, yet relaxed attention where breath and intent are used to send healing energy into every part of the body.  This meditation can be used as a tool to decrease pain, enhance your meditation practice, complement other treatments for medical conditions, as a sleep aide, or to relax and manage stress.  Order one individual CD, or for therapists only, order a fully licensed version with full permission to make copies for your clients.

CD Options

Quantum Movement DVD

Quantum Movement (QM) is a special set of Qi Gong inspired movements that are designed to help you isolate and transmute limiting beliefs and old patterns of thought that no longer serve you.  The QM Process works either as a stand-alone healing modality or in conjunction with the Q Process.  It shares similarities with several other healing systems and philosophies such as Energy Medicine, Chakra based healing and Loving Kindness meditations.

BrainMaster Equipment

Purchase any BrainMaster neurofeedback hardware or software at a 10% discount from the listed retail price.  Please see the Brainmaster website for a full list of options.  Contact Dr. Tarrant at 573-268-7867 with questions, for an equipment consultation or to make a purchase.

Mandalynth: Celtric Art Mandalas You Trace Like Labyrinths

Mandalynths are tracing tools. Tracing a twisting geometric pattern focuses the mind and helps it relax. Use the stylus in the package and trace anywhere along the Mandalynth design. Good for creative visualization, anxiety, PTSD, anger management, autism, attention deficit, and gifted minds.

Multiple styles and colors available.

Package includes: 1x mandalynth, 1x stylus tool, and instruction sheet.

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Distance Education, CE Workshops by Dr. Tarrant

Earn 6 CE hours from the comfort of your home, available for most professions!

Beyond Medication & Behavior Modification: Effectively Managing ADHD
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Mindfulness-Based Interventions to Rewire the Brain
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