Research Subjects Needed

Quantitative EEG analysis of Emotional Freedom Technique for sexual assault survivors: A pilot study

We are excited to invite you to a research study to investigate the effects of a time-limited therapeutic technique for symptoms of trauma. In addition, this study will use Quantitative EEG data collection to determine what happens in the brain during the therapeutic process.
Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT is a technique that involves the client focusing on a problem or concern and then tapping or lightly touching specific acupressure points on their body (on the face, collarbone, side of body and hand). There is no physical contact between client and therapist and research subjects will be simply instructed how to stimulate the points on their own body.




Participation in the study will involve attending 4 individual treatment sessions conducted by Kelly Howe, RN, a certified EFT practitioner. All sessions are private and confidential. In addition to the 4 sessions, participants will be asked to attend an initial assessment session and a 30-day follow up session. There is no cost for participation and subjects completing the entire study will receive a $100 gift card. Persons wanting more information can schedule a phone screening by calling Miranda Walker at 214-244-8222.

Volunteer subjects must be at least 18 years old and the sexual assault must not have involved a family member. Subjects must have no history of head injury or current substance abuse. Subjects must also not be involved in other counseling services at the time of the study.    


Total time of involvement for each participant will be approximately 7 hours over a 3 month period.   


To schedule a phone screening, contact Miranda Walker at 214-244-8222.


If you have questions about the research study, you may contact Dr. Jeff Tarrant at 573-268-7867 or


Thank you very much for your time and consideration.