Technology-Based Interventions: Neurotherapy, Biofeedback, NeuroMeditation, Interactive Metronome, Audio-Visual Entrainment

Using a variety of state-of-the-art technologies, we can measure and monitor your body in multiple ways, including heart rate variability, muscle tension, and brainwave patterns. This information is translated into engaging games or graphics that are used to gently guide the brain and body to follow more desirable patterns. This training is used with the ultimate goal of teaching the brain/body to produce these patterns on its own, without assistance.
This non-invasive treatment can help improve mental clarity, mood, sleep, stress, anxiety, concentration/attention, self awareness, and emotional balance. This technology can also enhance performance in sports or music as well as depth of meditation practice.

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Mindfulness & Qigong

Mindfulness is an ancient practice that involves learning to pay attention to and accept what is happening in the present moment without judgment.  Qigong is a mindfulness practice that involves slow, gentle movements and often involves visualization and coordination of the breath.  These practices improve the health and harmony between the mind and body and can be used for stress management, to boost immune functioning and improve balance, strength, and physical coordination.

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Energy Psychology & Pranic Healing

Energy Psychology is a broad term that refers to clinical and self-help strategies that involve activating specific acupuncture points (usually by tapping, holding or massaging) while mentally activating a targeted psychological issue.

The idea is that the disturbing beliefs, memories and habits involved in the psychological difficulty can be desensitized or neutralized by tapping on specific acupuncture points that change the way the brain processes this information. In this way it is a perfect blend of Western and Eastern approaches to mental health.

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What Clients Are Saying

"During the time when Dr. Tarrant got to the source of my tension in my shoulders and neck area, by following his instruction I was able to release tension and felt gentle vibration throughout my body but concentrating in my arms and hands. It proved to be a very pleasant and welcoming experience. Almost a spiritual experience."

− D.K. (Body Scan CD)

"My 11-year-old daughter struggles with anxiety and stress, and has not had positive experiences with the few counselors she has seen. We are now focusing on breathing and meditation to alleviate her anxiety, and Healing Body Scan: A Mindfulness Meditation has been the perfect tool. She uses it nightly before bed, and has said that she likes how it relaxes her and seems to clear her mind. As a result, she seems happier and better equipped to handle potentially stressful situations."

− A.R. (Body Scan CD)

"I want to tell you how much I truly enjoyed your seminar yesterday! I was excited when I signed up a few weeks ago but I had no idea how useful and informative it would be! I love the mind/body approach. You explained the research and the brain activity in such a clear and understandable way. Thank you also for the practical tools to use. The biofeedback, meditation apps, gratitude ideas (which I will definitely start using) the attitude qualities list, and Q process. Thanks for doing meditation and the QiGong activities. They are such wonderful tools ! I'm also excited to use your DVD. I learned so much yesterday and I'm so grateful I attended your seminar!! Thank you!"

− G.T. (workshop attendee)

"Your seminar knocked my socks off. I was so amazingly thrilled at the substance of information you shared, your experiences and all the biofeedback. I already ordered my AV David set. And your incredible 'body scan' helped me through a difficult night where I had a vise like occipital headache. You are extremely gifted and an amazing, interesting and passionate presenter. Thank you so much for all the meaningful work...and healing work you do in this world."

− E.K. (workshop attendee)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

I am considered an out of network provider by insurance panels. Clients interested in directly submitting a claim to their insurance provider for reimbursement will be provided with a detailed invoice.

What are technology-based interventions?

These are any techniques that utilize some form of technology as a central part of the treatment. Many of these interventions involve biofeedback, but other forms used in my practice include Audio Visual Entertainment (AVE) and Interactive Metronome.

What is Qeeg?

Qeeg stands for Quantitative Electroencephalogram, which is used to measure brainwave activity. This is done by placing a cap on the head with built in sensors. The cap is attached to an amplifier which transmits the electrical activity of the brain to the computer where the data can be evaluated. Analysis typically consists of comparing individual results to a large normative database. The analysis is often called a “brain map” and can be helpful in determining a treatment plan for neurofeedback training. For a detailed description of Qeeg See the article, “What is Quantitative EEG” by David Kaiser.

How long does neurofeedback training take?

Most clients participate in sessions twice weekly. The number of total sessions varies widely depending on many factors. In general, a client can expect to participate in 20-25 sessions.

What types of biofeedback do you provide?

Heart rate variability (HRV), hemoencephalography (HEG: brain blood flow), skin temperature, skin conductance, muscle tension (SEMG) and electroencephalograph (EEG; brain waves)

Optimizing Your Health & Wellbeing

  • Discover the truth of your body-mind connection

  • Live from a place of authentic choice and deep freedom

  • Practice biofeedback to quickly recover from stressors

  • Explore body-based meditations for grounding and integration of the body, mind, and heart

  • Increase your ability to extend kindness and patience towards yourself and others