Psychedelic Integration

Working from a 

harm-reduction perspective, 

clients recieve non-judgmental, mindfulness-based counseling and guidance.

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Alternative Methods for Exploring Altered States

Psychedelic medicines are now being used in a variety of research settings in the United States and abroad to treat psychological concerns including PTSD, depression, end-of-life concerns, and addictions. As these treatment options are still undergoing FDA trials, they are not currently available in an outpatient setting in the United States. While psyhologists are currently unable to provide this form of treatment, a primary focus can be supporting individuals who choose to work therapeutically and skillfully with psychedelic medicines on their own. Working from a harm reduction perspective, client's receive non-judgmental, mindfulness-based counseling and guidance.  Clients can discern between cannabis and/or psychedelic use and misuse and develop healthier relationships with these powerful tools.  Clients can also be taught therapeutic skill sets and alternative methods for exploring altered states with therapeutic intention. 

Preparation & Integration 

Integration support is a primary focus of this clinical work. Psychedelics can be inherently dysregulating and disruptive to the homeostasis of our lives, which is how/why they can be a powerful catalyst for change. In an effort to increase the likelihood of personal growth and symptom reduction and minimize the likelihood of confusion or fear, it is critically important that persons choosing this path are ready for the experience. With this in mind, clients can be offered preparation and integration services for those that choose to work with this medicine. I do not support unsafe medicine practices, and I strongly caution my clients against “just trying something out” or using psychedelics as a “party drug.” These medicines are incredibly powerful and need to be treated with the utmost respect. Being board certified in neurofeedback, one of my specialties is using brain wave biofeedback to support and deepen the integration process. This work can assist with learning to navigate internal landscapes, mental flexibility, creativity, as well as stabilization of “the ego.”

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Harm Reduction & Appropriate Fit ​

As a harm reduction advocate, I do not encourage any illegal activities or the use or abuse of cannabis or any other medicine. Nor do I believe that cannabis or psychedelic medicine exploration, even within the​ confines of applicable laws, is appropriate or beneficial for everyone.